How do you Become a Travel Nurse?

November 16, 2012

The demand for qualified, skilled nurses continues to rise in the United States. Because of the shortage of nurses, hospitals and other medical centers are willing to hire skilled, qualified nursing candidates for short periods of time to help fill the gaps in order to provide excellent quality care to their patients. The nurses that are temporarily hired to go and work at various locations around the country are called travel nurses.

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Travel nurses are able to choose where they work, which specialty they want to work in, and for how long. Travel nurses are generally paid very well, have all of their housing and travel costs paid for, and receive a full benefits package.  Does being a travel nurse sound like the ideal job for you?  Are you interested in becoming a travel nurse?How to become a Travel Nurse

To be a travel nurse, one must first attend a nursing school and earn, at minimum, a degree as a registered nurse (RN). Becoming an RN is competitive and takes anywhere between two to four years depending on your program and place of study. Once these credentials have been obtained, the RN must pass the NCLEX-RN exam, and then work for a minimum of one year in a hospital setting in the specialty which they wish to practice. When the travel nurse candidate has completed all the above requirements, they are then eligible to interview for available travel nurse positions.

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Finding a job as a travel nurse is the easy part. With demand for nurses so high, the best way to find a job is to work with a staffing agency who can offer you multiple job opportunities at once to allow you to compare your options. Once you have selected where you want to work, you will be able to compare offers and interview at various locations and decide which position is best for you. Most travel nurse assignments last 13 weeks, so if you decide you don’t like where you are working your commitment is minimal. If you do like your job and location, many nurses are offered extensions at the end of their assignment.

Travel nurses receive many benefits including housing near or at the facility in which they will be working, competitive salaries, insurance, and retirement plans. In addition to the benefits, many travel nursing companies will offer signing bonuses once you complete your first assignment. If you are a registered nurse who is interested in working in a new area as a travel nurse, fill out the form to start working with a staffing agency who can help you find the nursing job you have been looking for!

Click here to discover available nursing jobs and find an assignment in the area of your choice!

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