Travel Nursing Salary, Pay Range, and Compensation Rates

When you are searching for a job, there are many factors that come into play and will influence your decision. Location, type of work, the people you will be working with, and other specifics might push you towards or away from a travel nursing opportunity. Arguably, the most important factor is pay. How much you will make, the additional benefits that you receive, and amount you will be able to earn and save will likely be the main factor that will help you decide which position to accept.Travel Nurse Salary A traveling nurse salary allows you to earn top pay and benefits, sometimes more than staff working in full-time, permanent positions would be able to. Not only will you be able to receive overtime pay depending on how many hours a week you work, but travel nurses also receive health and medical benefits, the flexibility to choose hours, specialty, and location of job, as well as paid housing and travel costs.

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Travel Nurse Salary

Travel nursing assignments typically last 8-13 weeks. If you have an assignment that is longer than 13 weeks, your pay may be slightly less than what it would be with a shorter assignment. This is because you won’t have to move as often, you have more job security, and it is cheaper to pay for housing and other living expenses. Jobs lasting less than 13 weeks will be less convenient because of the amount and cost of travel and relocation, but these assignments often pay slightly higher than the longer, more secure positions. Regardless of location and specialty, you can often expect to make a travel nurse salary of about $75,000 a year, based on a 48 hour work year and average $40 an hour. And, of course, a travel nurse salary can even go up from there depending on location, specialty, and overtime pay.

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Additional Benefits

In addition to a fantastic traveling nurse salary, travel nurses can expect to receive many great benefits while on assignment. Typically, a traveling nurse’s housing and living arrangements are taken care of and paid for as part of the compensation package. Many health facilities and hospitals have off-campus living quarters where temporary or visiting staff can live free of charge.

In addition to pay, traveling nurses often receive health and wellness benefits including health, dental, and vision insurance, making the cost of any regular checkups or unexpected emergencies more affordable. Some employers will even provide matching bonuses to retirement savings funds. Finally, some travel nurses will be offered sizeable monetary bonuses at the end of an assignment, and some are even offered full-time positions. No matter how you look at it, the pay and benefits that come with a travel nursing position are top-notch.

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