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Surviving and Thriving During the Holidays as a Nurse

November 25, 2015

It is official; the holidays are now upon us. Some of you may get a warm fuzzy feeling, some of you may cringe or maybe some of you are like me in that you feel indifferent about them altogether. I feel like us indifferent people are the lucky ones in this situation, especially as healthcare […]


10 Absolutely Necessary Skills They Can’t Teach You In Nursing School

November 20, 2015

Someone would think that after four years of college that a person would have some idea of what their profession would entail; this was not the case for me. I’m pretty sure that my new grad years were more educational than all of my years spent in college.  Here is what I learned my first […]


How to Get the Most Out of Travel Nursing

November 13, 2015

From my personal experience and from chatting with my colleagues, I think there is a general consensus amongst nurses that getting a job isn’t particularly challenging these days, considering there is a need for qualified, experienced nurses all over the country. As of late, the demand for travel nurses remains high which makes it easier […]


4 Disadvantages of Travel Nursing that Will Actually Make you a Better Nurse

November 6, 2015

As with anything in life, travel nursing isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. There are added stresses caused by the lifestyle as well as some disadvantages compared to a typical staff nurse job. Fortunately, the adventure and excitement of travel nursing tend to make up for some of the minor inconveniences. Let’s look at some of […]


8 Things About Travel Nursing You Won’t Find In Any Other Profession

October 30, 2015

I could probably go on forever about the reasons I love travel nursing, but I’ll narrow it down to my favorites. Here are my top 8 favorite things about living this lifestyle. Explore the country while getting paid! 1. Exploring the Country In my opinion, the best part about travel nursing is the opportunity to see the country […]