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Ask a Travel Nurse – 6 Common Questions Answered

October 16, 2015

Although travel nursing has been around for a while, the curiosities surrounding the profession are still very prevalent. There are many myths and questions about pay, treatment and lifestyle that usually require some explaining, both to staff and patients. Find your dream travel assignment here. Here are some common questions I have encountered: 1. Does […]


Travel Nursing – The Ultimate Road Trip

October 9, 2015

One tip I would recommend to all travelers is try to take time to enjoy and actually explore new locations as you travel to and from assignments. My husband Skyler and I began travel nursing solely for the travel. We knew upfront that the way we planned to do things wouldn’t necessarily be aligned with maximizing income. […]


Tips on Landing Your Dream Travel Nursing Assignment

September 25, 2015

Whether or not you are currently traveling or are thinking about it, we all have that dream travel assignment in mind. Some of us are looking to spend a few months hanging at the beach in Hawaii or rouging it in Alaska. Finding the perfect destination is key to having an enjoyable travel experience. Landing […]


7 Tips that Help You Make Extra Cash with your Housing Stipend

September 10, 2015

You have two different options when it comes to housing for a travel nurse assignment. You can take agency provided housing or you can take a housing stipend and secure your own place to live on assignment. I always recommend to new travel nurses to take the agency provided housing for at least their first […]


10 Remedies to Cure Homesickness

September 4, 2015

Homesickness is defined by the English dictionary as “longing for home and family while absent from them”. Homesickness not only has a definition, but apparently it has symptoms as well: grief, nostalgia (a longing or wistful affection for the past), depression, anxiety, withdrawal, sadness, agoraphobia (fear of going outside), and claustrophobia. Start your travel career […]