Emily Bryant MSN, RN
Emily Bryant MSN, RN
March 8, 2023 - 3 min read

10 Ways To Earn Rewards For Travel Nurses

One of the huge benefits of the pandemic involves companies recognizing the hard work and sacrifice that nurses have made, and they are now offering specific discounts and benefits to them. Traditionally, military and first responders were the only ones that had access to many of these benefits. 

But after the pandemic shined a light on nurses, there are numerous perks that nurses can take advantage of simply due to their profession. With the number of travel nurses on the move and utilizing so many different modes of transportation and travel accessories, making sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck is imperative with the rising cost of goods. Here are 10 different ways that travel nurses can make their dollars go the farthest.

1. Credit Card Rewards

It might seem elementary, but why wouldn’t you want to be making money with every dollar you spend? Check out this list of credit cards specifically designed with rewards for travel nurses. Get the most points out of all your necessary spending? Yes, please. 

2. Airline Miles

Between flying back and forth for assignments, flying during weekend trips on your days off, or flying back to visit family, travel nurses can rack up a lot of airline miles. Committing to a specific airline such as Delta, Southwest, American, or United could save you tons of money and offer numerous perks in the process. Free upgrades and lounge benefits can make both traveling to assignments or vacations even better.

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3. Hotels

If you are making long road trips or planning on utilizing hotels for day-off trips, it might be worth your time to sign up for a Hotel Loyalty Program or ask for nurse discounts. Programs like the World of Hyatt allow you to earn points with every booking, unlock free upgrades, and provide predictable and safe travel experiences. You can also check out companies such as CLC Lodging for specific discounts designed for healthcare workers.

4. TSA pre-check

Although there is no specific discount for nurses when applying for TSA pre-check, this added benefit will make all of your flights for the next five years feel so much easier. Some credit cards, like Chase Sapphire, offer this as a complimentary benefit with their service, so if flying is something you do often, then this might be the travel card for you.

5. ID.me

ID.me offers thousands of discounts on everything from food options to gyms, to clothes and health products. While you are out on a new contract and are looking for new products, this is a great resource to start your search.

6. Rental Cars

On vacations or on days off when you need a rental car, there are many companies that now offer discounts for nurses on their rentals. Big companies like Hertz and Avis have had discounts as high as 30% off for nurses. Depending on which credit card you book with, these cars can earn up to 10x the points and include insurance on the vehicle, so it’s basically double dipping on rewards!

7. Priority Pass

Tired of getting stuck in airport terminals during layovers? Sick of paying for overpriced food at airports? Well, the Priority Pass gives access to hundreds of lounges and restaurants worldwide to make airport traveling feel luxurious. If you aren’t ready to bite the bullet and commit to one airline to have access to their lounges, the priority pass might be a great option for you. Plus, they also offer 10% off for nurses!

8. Ikon

If you plan on traveling to some snowy locations during the winter, investing in an Ikon pass can save you hundreds simply by verifying your nursing license. This pass gives you access to over 50 mountains worldwide to ski/snowboard at. If snow sports are part of your winter fun, this discount would absolutely be worth looking into. 

9. Phone Services

Everyone has a phone these days, so there is no reason to be paying more when you have options to save money. Companies like  AT&T and Verizon offer nurses and certain healthcare workers discounts on their monthly bills. These savings add up, and it can be a slam dunk way to easily save money. 

10. Health Rewards Plan

A not so luxurious way to save money while traveling involves health insurance. It might be well worth your while to reach out to your insurance provider to see if they have a health rewards plan. Simply by getting routine check-ups, blood work, and by attending a gym, you can earn hundreds of dollars in rewards that might even offset the cost of your gym membership.

As well all know, being a travel nurse isn’t easy. There are so many factors that change by the minute and unfamiliar territories to navigate, but making your dollar go the farthest shouldn’t take much effort. Although not all of these options offer cumulative rewards, there are many options for nurses to take advantage of some serious savings while on the road.

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