How To List Available Housing On

March 10, 2020

Listings cost $50 and will remain active on our travel nurse housing page for a minimum of 90 days.

How To Submit Your Listing

We need two items to list your housing: payment and listing information.


We accept payment through PayPal only. Following is the payment procedure.

Step 1: Log into PayPay and select “Pay for goods or services.”

Step 2: Enter as the payment email address.

Step 3: Enter $50 for the amount. In the notes, add that it is for a nurse housing listing and the property address.

Thanks for your interest in listing available housing to our community of travel nurses. Below you can learn how to submit your listing.  

Submitting your listing Submit your listing via email to

Items to include in the email:

  • Your name (only first name will be displayed in the listing)
  • The property address
  • Home address (will not be shown in the listing unless it’s the listing address)
  • Phone number and email where interested nurses can contact you
  • Up to 200 words of text describing the property
  • Up to two pictures of the property

When all steps are complete, we will add your listing to our travel nurse housing page. Note that due to high demand, it may take a few days for your listing to appear on the site. By submitting your listing, you certify that:

1. The housing is safe, livable, and in good condition. (Ask yourself: would your mom or sister want to live here?)

2. You are the owner and have the legal right to rent out the property.

3. You will deal fairly with our nurses and go above and beyond to accommodate their sometimes-unpredictable nursing assignment dates.

In short, we want to provide a world-class service to our community, and that starts with you and your property!

Thanks again for your interest in providing housing options.

Disclaimer: We will not be responsible for cancellations or any booking responsibilities. Do your due diligence when vetting potential occupants. We cannot and do not do background checks or any related property management duties. Examine each applicant as you would any applicant from any other source.

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