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4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your Travel Nurse Housing

October 6, 2017

There are many decisions to be made when embarking on a new travel assignment; how much does it pay, is it in a fun city, how far do I have to drive, do I really need to bring this many shoes, should I take company housing or find my own… Discover your dream travel assignment […]


Afraid of Travel Nursing – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be

September 12, 2017

You may have encountered a travel nurse at work, or if you are like me, have wanted to be a travel nurse since before you even entered nursing school. You have also probably heard some horror stories and common misconceptions that go along with the travel nursing profession that have made you think twice about […]


Travel Nurse Burnout – Tips on How to Avoid it

August 29, 2017

The term “nurse burnout/fatigue” is unfortunately very common within the nursing profession. Burnout, according to The Free Dictionary, is described as “a mental or physical energy depletion after a period of chronic, unrelieved job-related stress characterized sometimes by physical illness.” Find your dream travel assignment here. That sounds like a typical 12 hour shift for […]


How To Control Your Emotions As A Nurse

August 14, 2017

When people think of nursing, the first words that usually come to mind are blood, urine, stool, vomit, and sputum. People often wonder how we do our jobs. What they don’t realize is that dealing with bodily fluids is the easiest part of this gig; it’s the emotional side that gets to you. Click here […]


Top 7 Beach Locations For Travel Nurses

July 31, 2017

It’s the middle of summer, which means it’s also the middle of beach season. There’s something at the beach for everyone and fortunately for travel nurses, one of the best beaches in the nation can be a quick drive away – or possibly right across the street! Finding the perfect city that also happens to […]