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10 Remedies to Cure Homesickness

September 4, 2015

Homesickness is defined by the English dictionary as “longing for home and family while absent from them”. Homesickness not only has a definition, but apparently it has symptoms as well: grief, nostalgia (a longing or wistful affection for the past), depression, anxiety, withdrawal, sadness, agoraphobia (fear of going outside), and claustrophobia. Start your travel career […]


Travel Nursing Can Be a Bumpy Road – Tips to Deal with the Unexpected

August 28, 2015

For the most part, travel nursing is fun and offers memories and experiences to last a lifetime. However, like with anything, there are the occasional bad assignments and/or experiences that come with the territory. Miscommunication, varied expectations, unfriendly staff, poor work conditions, unsatisfactory housing, and other anomalies can all happen; you just have to be […]


Save a Life with your Device – 10 Nursing Apps you Should Try

August 21, 2015

I have to be honest – before writing this review I had zero apps on my phone related to healthcare, and now I have five. I have never been the technological type and for the last 10 years I have been relying on google, my critical care pocket guide and two folders full of reference […]


Male Nursing – Increasing in Numbers as Stigma Subsides

August 14, 2015

I am married to a murse. Yep, a male nurse. My very own Focker. Jokes aside though, being a male nurse is pretty awesome. My husband and I have talked a lot over the years about whether or not he would go back to school to further his education, but he loves being a nurse and […]


Life Hacks for the Happy Nurse

August 5, 2015

In my opinion, there are 3 elements that can make or break a nurse’s 12 hour shift; the behaviors of his/her patients, the neediness of their family members and the overall health and well-being of the nurse. I have been a nurse for almost 10 years and have finally come to a place in my […]