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Tips for Preparing for a Travel Nurse Assignment

October 15, 2014

Have you just accepted your first travel nurse assignment and are thinking, “Now what?!” or have you been at it a while and thinking there has to be a better way to prepare for a new assignment? We have been at this for five years now and have about got it down to a science. […]


The Power of Networking for the Traveling Nurse

September 19, 2014

Networking as a nurse is something you simply don’t learn during nursing school. Believe it or not, you are actually networking right now as you read this article. Networking is simply interacting with other people in order to gain information to better yourself. This is huge in nursing and there are a variety of ways […]


Adventures in Travel Nursing

May 8, 2014

We get asked all the time, “Where was your favorite location?” or, “What has been your favorite travel experience?” These types of questions always stump me because we have had so many incredible experiences and loved each city for very different reasons. So far, we have gotten exactly what we hoped to out of travel […]