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Crossing The Picket Line As a Travel Nurse

April 1, 2019

By Sophia Khawly A labor dispute at a hospital is much different than a labor dispute at a corporation. While the grievances of striking nurses might be similar (poor working conditions, low pay, etc), the ramifications are much more severe, even deadly. Patients still need care — so hospitals must find a way to keep the […]


5 Tips on How to Land a Travel Nurse Job

March 26, 2019

By Sarah Gaines I’ve been a travel nurse for over 3 years with 14+ contracts under my belt. But, I learned some lessons the hard way on how best to land a travel nursing job. Below are five tips from building your resume to interviewing with the hiring manager that helped me get multiple travel […]


Unsafe Assignments While Travel Nursing

February 26, 2019

By Sarah Gaines As a new travel nurse, my worst fear was being hired on a unit that was unsafe. My definition of “unsafe” — increased nurse-patient ratios that don’t follow the recommended guidelines, outdated policies and/or procedures that put patient safety at risk, and even nurse bullying. Since there’s a nursing shortage all across […]


Travel Nurse Interview (Couple Edition): Chris + Lesley

February 8, 2019

Meet the Couple: Chris + Lesley Chris and Lesley have been travel nurses for 2.5 years and together for the last five years (married for two!). They met on a dating site, though they like to tell people they met on Craigslist’s casual encounters. Chris and Lesley like to travel and explore nature, learn about […]


Travel Nurse Interview (Couple Edition): Krystal + Nick

February 6, 2019

Meet the Couple: Krystal & Nick Krystal and Nick have been nurses for about 2.5 years and been dating for 1.5 years. They met on Instagram through the unintentional matchmaking skills of Angelina from @travelnursinginsider after Nick happened upon a photo of Krystal and DM’d her. That DM turned into phone calls, then FaceTime dates, […]