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May 17, 2016 - 1 min read

Do These 5 Things Now For The Night Shift Nurse In Your Life

Get Black-Out Curtains

Have you ever stayed in a nice hotel where you could sleep until 10 because of the amazing curtains? Give the night shift nurse in your life the gift of sleep – even when the sun’s a-blazin’.

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Melatonin Supplement

This is hilarious. According to WebMD, a side-effect of taking melatonin is sleepiness. That’s the whole point!

Melatonin can promote better sleep during the day, and help your loved one adjust when returning to night sleep. Get your honey a bottle of this supplement; just be sure to warn them about the “side effect.”

Pack Them A Healthy Dinner

Whole Foods isn’t open at 1 AM. You know what kinds of places are? Taco Bell.

Pack your significant other a healthy dinner at least one or two nights a week. A healthier, happier person will come home to you after his or her shift.

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Itunes Gift Card for Ocean Sleep Tracks

Barking dogs suck. So do lawn mowers — or really anything else that goes on during the daytime — when you’re a night shift nurse.

Not everyone is into earplugs, so buy your sweetie an Itunes gift card with which they can buy some relaxing tracks of ocean waves. The ambient noise will drown out that yapping canine.

Give Them A Day A Week

The problem with the night shift is that you might not see each other very much if you work days. So block out a day a week when you are both free, and don’t do anything except spend the day together.

Being a night shift nurse has its perks, but it can be hard on relationships. Block out a day just for each other. Do it now!

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