Cath Lab Travel Nursing Jobs

July 16, 2013

If you are studying to be a registered nurse (RN), you may excel in the challenging and fast-paced world of cardiac catheterization nursing (cath lab nursing). Cath lab nurses are experienced and highly trained medical specialists who assist in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Cath lab nurses are some of the most intelligent and skilled nurses due to the complexity of their job duties and daily work requirements.

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Cath Lab Travel Nursing

Becoming a Cath Lab Nurse

Cardiac cath lab nurses start out just like all other nurses. You must obtain a degree in nursing from a four-year university nursing program and pass you NCLEX-RN exam to be a licensed RN. Once you have your licensure, you will be able to start working as an RN. Once you have worked as an RN, you will be able to take your Cardiac Vascular Nursing Certification test (RN-BC) from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. If you pass, you will be able to apply for jobs as a cardiac cath nurse.

Cath lab nurses must renew their license every five years to ensure they are up to date on all procedures and that their skills are sharp. Once you have passed your RN-BC, you can apply to work in your hospital’s cardiac cath lab training program, which will prepare you to work full time as a nurse in this area. Each hospital’s training program is different.

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Cardiac Cath Lab Duties

Cardiac Cath Lab Nurses work with doctors diagnosing heart disease patients. Nurses administer interval procedures to patients, and assist in surgical procedures such as the implementation of pace makers or defibrillators. In addition, cath lab nurses handle many of the duties of normal RNs for their patients, including proper note management and ensuring that all medical records are up to date and current. They also help administer needed medications.

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Cath Lab Travel Nursing Jobs

Because cath lab nurses are so skilled and have so much specialized training, there is a high demand for their skills and a short supply of qualified nurses. If you are trained as a cath lab nurse, you have the opportunity to work as a travel nurse and fill some of the spaces where nurses are needed. Additionally, you can receive high payment, great benefits, housing perks, and many other job benefits when you accept a position as a travel nurse. Cath lab nurses have some of the highest demand, and opportunities around the nation are available for interested candidates.

If you think you might enjoy accepting an assignment as a cath lab travel nurse, apply today to see all available positions and to learn more about pay and benefits as well. Start your career as a travel nurse today!

Find open Cath Lab travel assignments today!

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