Escape Hospital Politics As A Travel Nurse

March 15, 2017

Close your eyes… now, imagine a day in your nursing career where you go to work, clock in, take care of patients, do a little bit of charting and clock out.

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Now imagine 13 weeks of this pure working environment bliss. Some of you may not realize this but becoming a travel nurse is an excellent way to avoid hospital politics and drama.

The Freedom Of Travel Nursing

As a travel nurse you do have various mandatory education requirements but not to the extent of a staff nurse and the best part of the continuing education is that you can choose what you want to learn about. If you don’t want to learn about balloon pumps, you don’t have to.

You are not required to sit on any committees or go to any staff meetings. You just show up and take care of patients. You don’t have to worry about who the next manager is going to be, your next eval or what protocols need to be fixed. This new found freedom allows you to focus on the more enjoyable things in life like sleeping and exploring.

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Focus On What Really Matters: The Patients

As a travel nurse you get to work with all different types of nurses; nurses from different cultures, age groups and backgrounds. Having the opportunity to watch how other nurses interact with patients allows you to discover a new found compassion towards patients and people in general.

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As a travel nurse you will become an expert at dealing with all different types of personalities. Your ability to stay focused on your patients and avoid engaging in negative workplace drama will benefit you for a lifetime.

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