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February 4, 2019 - 1 min read

The Top 20 Cities for Singles in 2019

Looking for love is hard, but it can be especially challenging for those who travel for work. Travel nursing is no exception. But, what if you could increase your odds by taking your next travel assignment in a dating-friendly city.

WalletHub recently compared more than 180 cities across the U.S. on three key dimensions of dating-friendliness — economics, fun and recreation, and dating opportunities. Then they evaluated each dimension on 34 metrics, from the number of singles in an area to the nightlife options per capita to restaurant-meal cost. View the entire list of cities and WalletHub’s full methodology.

All 180 cities seemed a bit overwhelming, so below are the top 20 cities for singles that made the list.

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The Top 20 Cities for Single Travel Nurses

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Denver, CO
  3. San Francisco, CA
  4. Portland, OR
  5. Los Angeles, CA
  6. Seattle, WA
  7. Chicago, IL
  8. San Diego, CA
  9. Minneapolis, MN
  10. Portland, ME
  11. Madison, WI
  12. Boston, MA
  13. Pittsburgh, PA
  14. Tucson, AZ
  15. Washington, DC
  16. Honolulu, HI
  17. Austin, TX
  18. Rochester, NY
  19. Phoenix, AZ
  20. Columbus, OH

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Whether you’re currently with someone, looking for love, or casually dating, relationships take work. And, if you layer in consistent traveling, then you increase the challenges.

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