Kyle Leffel
Kyle Leffel
December 31, 2015 - 2 min read

Proof that Nurses are Compassionate People

There are a lot of compassionate people in the world, but in my opinion nurses go above and beyond the typical standards of compassion. Here are some reasons why nurses prove they are hardwired to care for those need.

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We are in the “Helping People” Business

Yes, nurses are awesome! We value the time we are able to spend helping people both professionally and personally. Nurses who work in the hospitals generally work three 12 hour shifts, during the work week allowing us to spend time with loved ones outside of work.

During those twelve hour shifts we are fully devoted to our patients. Bottom line is that nurses love helping people. It is one of our natural abilities as nurses.

Having a flexible work schedule allows us to help both patients and our loved ones. I have often been known to use the phrase that I am in the business of “people helping people.”

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Keep Calm and Nurse On

Nurses show compassion by handling difficult and complex situations while maintaining a calm and professional manner. This is because we are constantly thrown into unpredictable and chaotic situations. Some of these situations are often medical emergencies.

We consistently train, practice and unfortunately have to take part in emergent situations while giving care to people.  The next time you see a nurse jumping into an emergent situation or simply helping you out with a really bad cut to your finger, take notice at our overall calm demeanor.

With years and years of practice, it becomes very natural for us to handle difficult situations calmly and effectively.

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Smile Through the Smell

We have this ability where we can smile and hold our breath at the same time, without anyone noticing or picking up on it. The more experienced nurses can even talk while doing this. I know it sounds crazy but when you are caring for a person that is often helpless and is covered with bodily fluids, you quickly learn the smile and hold your breath technique.

We show our compassion by helping patients without making them feel uncomfortable, but we are human and do have noses that are exposed to a lot of bad smells. So trust me when I say we can handle any gross and fowl smelling thing you present to us. Don’t worry or ever feel embarrassed, odds are we have probably seen and smelled a lot worse.

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Labor of Love

All of the above mentioned traits are but just a few reasons why nurses are compassionate. We have to be, afterall we are in the business of people helping people.

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