Courtni Sladek
Courtni Sladek
March 9, 2016 - 3 min read

Surprising Way Travel Nurses are Landing the Best Opportunities

Since becoming a traveler, filling out skills checklists and new company applications are probably the top two things I hate doing the most – even more than peeing in a cup every three months. However, it’s absolutely necessary to get exactly what you want out of travel nursing.

Traveling with more than one travel company can ensure that you’re getting the money you want, housing you want, and benefits you want.

Not all travel companies offer the same experience so traveling with more than one allows you to personalize it to fit your needs.

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A Dolla Makes Me Holla!

Obviously the first thing on everyone’s mind is money. Your check can be affected by a couple of different factors with different companies.

First, the more companies you work with the more diversity in your housing. Some companies have bigger take home pay but maybe the housing isn’t stellar. This would be a good company to go with if you’re just looking to make bank for that super sweet island vacation you’ve been dreaming about.

If living in an extended stay hotel all the time isn’t ideal for you, it’s good to have that company with a little less take-home but luxury housing working with you too.

Another way multiple companies can be beneficial in the payroll department is by being able to compare multiple different pay packages. Some bonuses are offered by hospitals but some are offered by the company. Traveling with only one company means you could potentially miss out on lots of bonus Benjamins.

Also, some companies have lower hourly rates and higher stipends and vice versa. It really just depends on what’s important to you. It also depends on taxes and Lord knows He did not bless me with accounting skills so definitely do a little research on that subject when accepting a pay package.

A lot of times different companies will have the same position so you wouldn’t necessarily have to give up a great location because the company you’re currently with doesn’t offer a bonus or the stipend amount you’re looking for.

One tip I recommend is to make sure you let the company you’re most interested in know what others are offering. Often they can match or get close to what other companies are offering just to keep you.

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Vegas Vacation! or Nebraska, Whatever…

Working with multiple travel nurse agencies helps you get to where you want to go. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that not all companies have contracts with every hospital in every state.

Some companies can get you to Alaska and Hawaii, others can get you to specific hospitals like Johns Hopkins or New York Presbyterian. Certain companies have exclusive contracts with agencies. So you really have to work with multiple companies if getting to a specific hospital is on your agenda.

The more companies you work with the more options you have, simple as that. The more options you have also helps you get to where you want to go WHEN you want to go. You definitely won’t find me in the north during the wintertime if I have anything to do with it! I’m a fair weather kinda gal and working with multiple agencies helps me stay comfortable all year long.

Companies with Benefits

Travel nurse companies have anywhere from zero to all the benefits. And similar to the dinero side of things, which company you go with depends on your needs at the time.

Are you so over paying on your student loans and just need them out of your life?! Then a company with little benefits and more cash is probably the way you want to go for a little while until Sallie Mae stops sending you all those emails.

Do you have a husband and two dogs (or kids) to take care of? Then maybe a company with a 401k and health insurance is the way for you to go. There’s even a company or two out there that offers PTO and sick days.

The lovely thing about living is that you can go from one set of needs to another and sometimes back again at any point in your life which is why being already set up through many companies is most beneficial to your wellbeing/stress level.

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The More the Merrier

Personally, I work with about five different companies. They go from one of the largest in country to the smallest.

One company has gotten me to the biggest, most prestigious hospitals, another has housed me in places nicer than I’d pick for myself where I can truly make home for 3 months and get paid enough to support my family and pay off student loans at the same time.

I’ve had such great experiences with each of the companies I’ve worked for. I have no doubt that no matter where I want to go or when I want to go that I can get there because I have so many people on my side working to get me there. 

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