Top 5 States For The Thrill Seeking Nurse

June 10, 2016

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When you take a travel assignment, you aren’t just picking a hospital to work at and a city to live in. Each nurse is looking for a different adventure, and different states will offer the excitement you need.

Here are the top five states for thrill seeking nurses:

  1. Colorado for the hiker: rocky mountains for the expert hiker, snowy winters for a snowshoe adventure, and sunny summers for a leisurely hike
  2. Tennessee for the river lover: home to the Ocoee Whitewater Center which held the 1996 Olympic whitewater event
  3. Washington for the camper: called the Evergreen state for a reason as most of the state is covered in forests and mountains perfect for camping
  4. California for the variety seekers: Death Valley Desert for camping, SoCal beaches for surfing, Lake Tahoe for skiing, and the list goes on
  5. Florida for the water lover: the Keys are perfect for kayaking while watching sharks swim right beneath you and fresh water caves to explore in

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