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July 31, 2017 - 3 min read

Top 7 Beach Locations For Travel Nurses

It’s the middle of summer, which means it’s also the middle of beach season. There’s something at the beach for everyone and fortunately for travel nurses, one of the best beaches in the nation can be a quick drive away – or possibly right across the street! Finding the perfect city that also happens to be close to a beach is much easier than you might expect.

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Washington State’s Ocean and Sound

When people think of Washington state, the first thing that comes to mind is usually rain and evergreen trees. While that’s not entirely untrue, there’s a lot more that this west coast state has to offer.

The beaches in Washington state come in all types of varieties. There are sandy beaches that draw big crowds whenever the sun comes out, and there are rockier beaches that are excellent for finding a secluded area for kayaking or jumping in the water.

Hawaiian Coast

There’s really no way to rank the best destinations for beaches without mentioning Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, home to volcanoes, forests and, of course, beaches.

One reason Hawaiian beaches are to die for is the great weather that Hawaii is famous for. Sure, it’s not perfectly sunny year round. However, it will be easier than not to find a day to enjoy beaches that people travel across the world for.

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Gulf Coast Beaches in Alabama

Alabama isn’t usually on people’s list for great beach destinations. That makes sense, considering Alabama only has a little over 50 miles of coastline, but the coastline Alabama does have is definitely worth getting excited about – especially since their weather is consistently warm.

Many of the beaches in Alabama are long and sandy making them perfect destinations for weekend retreats or day trips. Also take into account that you’ll be able to get some of the best seafood on the Alabama coast and it’s hard to think of reasons not to travel to Alabama.

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Sandy Florida

Fun fact: Florida has the second largest coastline of any state (after Alaska). Not only does Florida offer beaches in the Gulf and Atlantic coast, but Florida also shares the same waters as the Bahamas.

Travel nurses should be sure to check out Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville if they are looking to be right on the beach.

Michigan’s Lakes

Who said the best beaches had to connect to the ocean? Michigan borders four of the five Great Lakes, and each of them is much more impressive than expected. Michigan beaches can get a little chilly to visit during the winter, but during the summer they are just as good as any ocean beach you’d find.

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Atlantic City

New Jersey gets a bad rep because of certain people, but it can actually be an awesome place to take a travel nursing assignment in. Jersey beaches are severely underrated, and all it takes is one visit to realize it.

The best beaches in New Jersey are easily reachable from Atlantic City. Those willing to travel farther to get to the beach may even consider taking an assignment in Newark or Jersey City.

Tahoe Beaches

California and Nevada share one of the most appreciated lakes in the country: Lake Tahoe. Because it’s in the mountain, Tahoe beaches can get frigid in the winter, but waiting until the summer is totally worth it. Not only are the beaches beautiful and the weather great, but water visibility is usually around 70 ft – meaning you can see clearly 70 ft down into the water.

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And such concludes our list of the top beach locations for nurses! Did we miss anywhere great that you visited on a previous travel nursing assignment? 

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