Crystal Gustafson
Crystal Gustafson
January 22, 2016 - 3 min read

Travel Nurse Blogs – Top 5

Have you ever had a question about something but didn’t know who to ask? You have Googled and Googled your little heart out but still can’t seem to get the inside scoop?

Well guess what – there’s an internet site for that! It actually turns out there are numerous sites full of information for travel nurses who want the inside scoop.

With so many resources out there it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Lucky for you, I have narrowed the vast list down to the top five blogs based on relevant content, contributing authors and user friendliness.

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1. is a professional networking site that provides travel nurses with the ability to store all of their necessary paperwork including resumes, skills checklists and certifications digitally on their site. This basically replaces that pesky folder you have to carry around with you everywhere you go. They also happen to have a blog. I rate their blog #1 because the topics are most relevant to what you need to know as a travel nurse and they have a podcast as well. This site, I feel primarily focuses on the business side of things. The topics are categorized and well organized so you don’t have to scroll through a bunch of pages to get to what you want to read about. The downside to this blog is that it seems to only have one author and I’m not 100% sure he is a nurse. The guy writes really well but fails to provide a subjective side to what it means to be a travel nurse.

2. They Gypsy Nurse

The Gypsy Nurse website is an online community dedicated to traveling medical professionals. The operator of this website is a former traveling nurse and her contributing authors include either former or current travelers as well as some specialty nurses. The content covers a wide variety of topics ranging from the Ebola epidemic to travel nursing lifestyle to what compression socks to buy. The content is not organized into categories but there is a search area. This website also hosts an annual travel nursing convention with an educational piece and the opportunity to network. One thing to note is that there is quite a bit of advertising on this website which may drive some of the blog topics.

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3. (the blog you are currently reading) is a career portal for nurses. If you are having trouble finding a company you want to work for you can apply directly through this site and they will connect you with a travel company that fits your needs. This blog has a multitude of experienced travel nurses (including myself) as well as a wide range of topics that covers both the business and lifestyle side of travel nursing. Many of the blog posts are from a personal more subjective perspective, which I tend to appreciate when it comes to certain topics. I like to know the business side but I need the raw emotional side as well. The blog is not categorized but it is easy to read and there are no advertisements.

4. is a website that attempts to improve the connection between travelers and travel nursing companies. They don’t have a designated “blog” section but there are a couple articles a month posted on this website with up to date info on certain travel nursing companies with a few posts about general travel nursing stuff. It is written and maintained by Epstein LaRue who is a current traveling nurse supervisor. Most of the articles are written by her with a few guests here and there. Her website is well known for providing a yearly list of the nation’s top 10 travel companies.

5. is exactly what it states… a blog for travel nurses. They cover the usual topics but only seem to have two contributing authors with only one of them being an actual nurse; the other one is a creative writer. I put this on the list because there are two sections on this site where you can “ask a travel nurse” and “ask a housing expert” where you can ask specific questions.

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Just like everything else on the internet, it is important to verify your information and take other people’s experiences with a “grain of salt”. There is plenty of information out there, it’s up to you on how you want to use it.

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