Chaunie Brusie
Chaunie Brusie
September 22, 2020 - 3 min read

COVID-19 Travel Nursing Positions Are Still In Demand

Demand to fill COVID-19 travel nursing positions has not slowed as cases continue to occur across the country the threat of a second wave continues to loom.

As many parts of the country have appeared to move back into normalcy — with some workers heading back to in-person offices and children in states like Michigan, Texas, and Florida starting school only a few weeks ago — it may seem like the threat of COVID-19 is finally slowing.

But infection rates in the U.S. have not exactly slowed down. As one simulated tracker illustrates, a new COVID-19 case is reported approximately every 2 seconds in the U.S, just close behind India, where a new case is being reported about every second.

It remains a bit uncertain what will happen with COVID-19 in the fall, but there are still plenty of opportunities for travel nursing positions available. Read on for more info on what you should expect from a second wave and what states are hiring right now.

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Threat of a Second Wave Drives Demand for Travel Nurses

With reports that Europe is now seeing a second wave of COVID-19, there are concerns about what will happen in the states this fall with the virus. Unlike Europe, the U.S. never really lowered infection rates, so a second wave could have potentially damaging effects. Many parts of Europe have already put lockdowns and social restrictions back into place over fears of the second wave and experts here across the ocean health experts are cautiously monitoring what could prove to be a complicated fall and winter.

There are many factors that could contribute to a second wave of COVID-19 also occurring here in the states: colder weather bringing more events inside, dry air facilitating the spread of the virus (just like the flu and common cold viruses in the colder months), and increased gatherings at schools.

“We could see a perfect storm of accelerated COVID-19 activity as people gather more inside in particular, as they become increasingly fatigued with the mask wearing, social distancing and the hand hygiene, and as they are exposed to seasonal influenza,” noted Jeanne Marrazzo, director of the infectious diseases division of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, at a news briefing from the Infectious Diseases Society of America, or IDSA on September 10.

Additionally, some experts fear that even if symptoms for both viruses of the flu and COVID-19 are relatively mild in a lot of individuals, getting both viruses at once could pose new complications and cause more severe symptoms. (And here’s your reminder to get your flu shot, folks!) Although that’s typically not what happens with viruses, as one virus tends to “dominate” a host, like a lot of things with the novel coronavirus, experts just aren’t 100% sure what to expect.

Which States Are Hiring Travel Nurses Right Now?

Currently, there are still plenty of travel nursing jobs open in areas like general Med/Surg, ER, and ICU units. There are also travel nursing positions open in some of the western states that have seen wildfire devastation, such as California and Oregon.

According to our research, some of the highest-paying states with travel nursing positions open right now are:

  • Louisiana ($4K/week available)
  • Massachusetts ($3.6K/week available)
  • Arizona ($3.5K/week available)
  • California ($3.4K/week available)

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When Should You Take a Travel Nursing Job?

This is a tough question: one hand, there are benefits to getting a secure placement now, before things potentially get more complicated with more infections during the fall. But on the other hand, more in-demand generally equals higher pay. So it really depends on what type of experience you are looking for. If you’re looking for a fast pace and high wages, you could always take your time for a last-minute position, but if you prefer a little more stability and to take your time on decision-making, you may consider taking a position right now.

One thing is for certain: while COVID-19 has decimated many people’s jobs and forced millions into cobbling together a living out of freelance work, if you’re a nurse — or are considering becoming one — you have priceless job security and the freedom to choose what works for you.

Whether you choose to try out a travel nursing position this fall, or take on a temporary position until we have a more clear picture of what COVID-19 will look like, there will be plenty of opportunities for employment available to you.

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