Leah Helmbrecht
Leah Helmbrecht
April 17, 2017 - 5 min read

Turn Your Job Into Your Dream Vacation In Charleston, SC

Deciding where your next assignment will take you can be one of the most fun things about being a travel nurse. It’s a big, wide world out there. So if you’re thinking you’ll just close your eyes and randomly point to a map, consider beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.

Before you pack up your car like a Tetris game and head out to the Palmetto State, remember to first consider where you’d like to work your next J.O.B.  There are a number of great hospitals in the area.

Choose the one that best fits you or see if it’s possible to be submitted to all of them!

Hospital  Level Beds Population Location
Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) 1 700 All Ages Charleston
MUSC Children’s Hospital 1 186+
66 nursery
Pediatrics Charleston
Roper Hospital 3 657 Adult Charleston
Trident Medical Center 2 407 All Ages North Charleston
East Cooper Medical Center 3  130 Adult Mt. Pleasant

Why Charleston?

Charleston is where the gas lanterns are still lit, southern hospitality is at it’s finest, palm trees sway in the wind, and country music is all around.

You’ll enjoy some of the best BBQ and seafood on the world, learn about American history, and bask in the sunny weather. You’ll be able to work while having an ever growing list of things to do on your days off.

You really will be “living the dream.”

Start your adventure now! Travel nurses are in high demand.


Sullivan’s Island: Take a trip to this beach to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, relax, and read about it’s history. Poet, Edgar Allan Poe, lived in this area and wrote a couple of his short stories making Sullivan’s Island the setting in those stories. You will find many stops in this area named after his writings such as Raven St. and it is said his poem, “Annabel Lee,” was written about a woman he fell in love with while he was stationed here during the war. Going back further in history, Sullivan’s island was the entrance where 40 percent of the 400,000 enslaved Africans were brought through and placed into slavery.

Folly Beach is located on Folly Island in an Urban area. You can grab lunch at one of the local restaurants before heading to the beach or my favorite, wine at the beach. One of my favorite dog friendly restaurants close to the beach was Lost Dog Cafe. There are certain months out of the year you can take your dog to Folly beach. Be sure to check online prior to making the drive.

Morris Lighthouse:  Find a boat tour that will take you out to see the Morris Lighthouse. Dogs are allowed to come. During the boat ride they will tell you about the different bird species, inform you of the ecosystem in Charleston, and you can possibly meet a couple dolphins that hang around the marina certain times of the year.

Non-Beach Activities

The beach is an easy find in Charleston, but there are plenty of other attractions that will be fun to do solo or with the new friends you’ll meet there.

King Street goes on for miles offering a variety of restaurants, great clothing boutiques, bars with outside patios, coffee shops, art galleries, and has a lot of great gift ideas to send home to family. It is one of the busiest streets in Charleston and is shut down to traffic once a month where people will flood the street visiting vendors outside the shops.

Marion Square: Located off of King Street, is an open grassy area where many people will sit out and sunbathe on a nice day. Grab food to go, have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Horse Carriage Rides: Take a tour around downtown in a horse drawn carriage. The owner will tell you all about the history of Charleston while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

Ravenel Bridge (Cooper River): This bridge was constructed in 4.5 years and was opened in 2005. It connects Mt. Pleasant and Charleston with a span of 1,546ft. It’s great for a run/walk with a beautiful view of the water and sailboats. The cables are neat to look up at too.

Angel Oak Tree (John’s Island): The Angel Oat Tree should be apart of everyone’s “must see” list. It is said to be 400-500 years old, stands 66.5ft tall, and 28ft wide. It is an incredible sit to see. Nature is truly amazing.

Rainbow Row: One of the most photographed places in Charleston, SC is Rainbow Row. It is a line of 13 houses painted different pastel colors. This is another fun and free activity to do in Charleston.

Waterfront: Take a stroll down to the waterfront and visit the Pineapple water fountain. It is the focal point of the waterfront park and if you are feeling your inner kid come out, you are allowed to splash around in the fountain to cool off on a hot summer day.

Port Charleston Cruise: Working three 12 hour shifts and have a few days off before you have to go back to work? Jump on a cruise from the Port of Charleston!


The plantations offer a look into American history with the harsh realities of slavery and how slaves were treated and lived. The guided tour at these plantations will take you back to a time when not everyone was created equal not only in everyday life, but also on paper. Most have been refurbished, but some still offer a look at the damage caused during the Revolutionary and Civil War periods.

Boone Plantation: Located in Mt. Pleasant and was founded by Major John Boone in 1681. It wasn’t opened to the public until 1956 when the McRae Family purchased the plantation. There is over 330 year of history to show at this location.

Middleton Plantation: Located in Charleston, the Middleton Plantation has been in the family for over 320 years when Henry Middleton inherited it when he was married in 1741. The plantation was constructed in 1705. There is a restaurant and an Inn on the premise if you want to stay the night or dine with a view. Guided tours are available.

Magnolia Plantation: Founded in 1676 and opened to the public in 1870, the Magnolia Plantation has survived the hardships of the Revolutionary and Civil wars. Visit the garden that was given the honor of being called one of “America’s Most Beautiful Gardens” in Travel and Leisure Magazine.


We’re fixin’ to eat! Charleston has some of the best food you’ll ever taste and many of the restaurants have been family-owned for generations. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Raw 167— Try the raw oysters and lobster roll

2. Smoke BBQ— for your favorite bbq meat sandwich with a side of Mac and Cheese

3. Page Okra Grill— Grab breakfast or brunch for delicious breakfast sandwiches. It is located in Mt. Pleasant.

4. Paw Paws— Want to try some real southern hush puppies? Go to Paw Paws!

5. Peninsula Grill— Looking for a delicious out of this world dessert? Peninsula Grill has a coconut cake that is to die for.

As you can see, Charleston has a lot to offer. A 13-week travel nursing assignment should give you time to see many of the amazing sights and have some incredible experiences.

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