Chaunie Brusie BSN, RN
Chaunie Brusie BSN, RN
May 7, 2019 - 2 min read

16 Signs You Were Raised by a Nurse

Not everyone has the great privilege of being raised by a nurse, but for those of you who were, you might recognize just a few of the signs that are a dead giveaway that a nurse played a part in your upbringing. For instance, some signs you were raised by a nurse:

1. You didn’t go to the hospital unless an actual bone was sticking out of your body and even that was questionable

“What’s that, you’re bleeding? Go get the Steri-Strips in the cupboard, that’s nothing.”


2. Or, your mom immediately imagined the worst for every ache and pain you ever had



3. Your dinner-time conversations usually involved discussion of no less than two types of bodily fluids and it was NBD

Could you pass the potatoes?


4. You routinely shocked adults by dropping medical terminology into everyday conversation


5. You think nothing of celebrating Christmas on December 26


6. You 100% have dressed as a nurse for Halloween with a real stethoscope


7. You were acutely aware of all choking hazards

One second-generation nurse’s favorite saying passed down from her own mom? “Get that out of your mouth — it’s trachea sized!”


8. Playing was always ruined by warnings of the injuries you could sustain

“Get down! That looks like a head trauma waiting to happen.”


9. Playing 20 questions was always dangerous at your house

Mom, looking at her work shoes: “Is that blood or ketchup?”
Mom: It’s blood again, isn’t it? (sigh)


10. You’re used to your parent bringing up the fact that they’re a nurse at every medical appointment

Honestly, sometimes, it’s embarrassing.


11. You never missed a flu shot growing up

‘Tis the season!


12. You refuse to watch medical dramas with your nurse parent, because they ruin everything by yelling about how doctors never actually start IVs

“Yeah, like that would ever happen in real life!!”


13. You learned how to feed yourself at a very early age


14. The sight of your parent sleeping in the middle of the day doesn’t seem weird to you at all

*Walks by mom passed out on the couch without a second glance.


15. Two things are true: either you plan on following your parent’s footsteps or you want nothing to do with nursing, ever


16. But one thing is for certain: you are incredibly proud of your family nurse!


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